Emergency Planning and Training

In Ontario , there is no mandated requirement for building owners to prepare emergency response and recovery plans for their facilities, regardless of the size, occupancy, complexity or risks involved.

However, the office of the Ontario Fire Marshal (OFM) encourages building owners, especially those in high risk or high-rise buildings to prepare for emergencies before they occur.

An emergency plan tailored to the building or complex will include procedures for dealing with all emergencies (other than fire) including natural gas leaks, severe weather conditions, power outages, bomb threats, threats of violence, etc. in accordance with NFPA 1600, “Standard on Disaster/Emergency Management and Business Continuity Programs” and the Office of the Ontario Fire Marshal’s, emergency building measures.
Training sessions will be conducted in accordance with the emergency plan discussing all emergencies other than fire for management staff, emergency response team members and building occupants.