What Services does Innovative Fire Inc offer?

Fire Alarm Design

Design of fire alarm systems including new systems, replacement of existing control panels and modifications to existing system, etc.

Fire Code Audits

Building Owners are responsible for complying with the requirements defined in the current edition of the applicable Fire Code.

Fire Safety Planning

Most Buildings under the Provincial / National Fire Code are required to have a fire safety plan prepared and submitted to the authority having jurisdiction for approval.

Fire Safety Plan Training

Section 2.8 of the provincial / national Fire Codes require "supervisory personnel" to be trained in the emergency evacuation procedures and duties prior to taking responsibility for emergency procedures.

Fire Drill Evaluations

The fire evacuation drill will be reviewed for auditing the evacuation procedures, use of life safety systems, level of training, occupant participation and timing of evacuation in order to improve overall efficiency.

Maintenance of Fire Safety Plans

Section 2.8 of the Provincial/National Fire Codes require that fire safety plans be reviewed on an annual basis and updated where changes have occurred.

Posted Instruction Floor Plan Signage

Section 2.8 of the Provincial / National Fire Codes require posted instructions to be located on each floor level.

Notice of Violation / Inspection Orders

Assisting Building Owners through the process of addressing notice of violations or inspection orders issued by the municipal Fire Department.

Third Party Firestopping Review

IFI can act as a 3rd party review agency for quality control and assurance to ensure that contractors have correctly installed approved systems.

Building Code Plans Review

A detailed review of drawings from the initial design stage through the building permit application stage for compliance with all applicable codes and standards.

Emergency Planning and Training

In Ontario , there is no mandated requirement for building owners to prepare emergency response and recovery plans for their facilities, regardless of the size, occupancy, complexity or risks involved.

Due Diligence Audits

Review of existing buildings for compliance with the Provincial/National Building and Fire Codes and current life safety practices.