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Fire Safety Planning

Fire Safety Planning

Many Buildings under the Provincial/National Fire Codes are required to have a fire safety plan prepared and submitted to the authority having jurisdiction for review or approval. Each plan is developed for the individual building or complex based upon the occupancy, tenants and types of life safety equipment in the building. Each plan includes a brief description of all life safety equipment, human resources, administrative duties, emergency procedures, floor plan layouts, maintenance procedures, fire prevention, fire extinguishment, notifying the Fire Department when life safety systems in the building are shut down and instructions to be posted.

Fire Safety Plan

A fire safety plan (FSP) is developed for the facility, provided to the Client to review and then submitted to the municipal Fire Department (AHJ) for review or approval. IFI works on behalf of the Client to obtain approval of the FSP.

Annual Fire Safety Plan Review

Section 2.8 of the Provincial/National Fire Codes require that fire safety plans be reviewed on an annual basis and updated where changes have occurred.

IFI can complete the annual review of the existing fire safety plan and provide review documentation or update to the existing plan as required. (Note: Updates to existing plans apply only to those documents previously prepared by IFI).


Section 2.8 of the provincial/national Fire Codes require “supervisory personnel” to be trained in the emergency evacuation procedures and duties prior to taking responsibility for emergency procedures.

Training can be developed for supervisory staff, residents, etc. based on the needs to the Client. Training can be provided in multiple formats include:

Emergency Fire Evacuation Drills

Section 2.8 of the Provincial/National Fire Codes require fire drills to be completed where section 2.8 applies. The frequency of fire drills is based on the type of occupancy (i.e. high-rise buildings – quarterly, daycares – monthly, etc.).

Fire drills are developed for each site based on the type of facility and needs of the client; including comprehensive, silent and table-talk drills. IFI can develop drill scenarios, conduct pre and de-briefing meetings, observe the fire drill to determine implementation of the fire safety plan and provide a comprehensive report outlining findings during the drill. Drills can be conducted quarterly, annually, etc. based on requirements for the facility.