Fire Safety During Construction for 5 & 6 Storey Wood Buildings in Ontario

A new Guideline has been released for Fire Safety During Construction for five and six storey wood buildings in Ontario.  The Guideline was developed by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (MMAH), the Office of the Fire Marshal and Emergency Management (OFMEM) and the Ministry of Labour (MOL).

The Guideline addresses the following eleven (11) key areas of best practice:

  • Part 1 – Fire Safety Planning
  • Part 2 – Emergency Notification and Building Egress
  • Part 3 – Site Security
  • Part 4 – Construction Processes
  • Part 5 – Hot Work Protocol
  • Part 6 – Control of Other Ignition Sources
  • Part 7 – Storage of Combustible and Highly Flammable Materials
  • Part 8 – Housingkeeping and Waste Management
  • Part 9 – Fire Protection and Firefighting
  • Part 10 – Protection of Expsoures to Adjacent Properties
  • Part 11 – Other (i.e. Management commitment, Insurer engagement and Culture of Safety)

For more information regarding this Guideline, click the following link

To access the .pdf version of the Guideline, click the following link